Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What to Wear: Northern Exposure

One of my favorite things about the new TV is being able to watch Northern Exposure reruns in high definition. I loved this show when it was first on in the 1990's and appreciate it even more now that I can see every pore on John Corbett in 1080i detail.

Northern Exposure is a little dangerous for me though. It makes me want to cut my hair short, wear flannel and move to a cabin in the woods. Maybe I could get it out of my system with an Alaska-inspired outfit for this city cold snap:
  • Sweater - If you are a size medium, I insist that you buy this beautiful red sweater with toggles on clearance.
  • Vest - Is there anyone in San Francisco who is not wearing one of these today?
  • Henley - Apparently winter is over as of January 1 according to J.Crew. This henley is featherweight for spring.
  • Boots - Please, please go on sale.
  • Quilt - Modern and perfect for my cabin in the woods.
  • Hat - Did I mention just how cold it is here today?
  • Gloves - An absolute must.
I really have "cabin fever" now. Maybe Rob and I should book at stay at the Hotel Healdsburg for a weekend. We have a friend who can get us a discounted rate at the Sonoma resort.


rcpeters said...

Oh heck yea, I'm all for a early working retirement in Alaska. I've always wanted to live out of a Airstream, just like Chris Stevens!

MissEm said...

Let's go!

rcpeters said...


love.boxes said...

Miss Em, you are very high adventure. Cute outfit! :)

love.boxes said...
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Beth said...

Oh wow, so cute! You must be the ultimate fashion plate!!

Elizabeth H. said...

My MIL stayed at a different hotel in Healdsburg and loved it. What a great place.