Monday, February 26, 2007

Inspiration: Indigo

Indigo blue isn't really the best name for my recent color obsession. It's more of "navy, but waay better." Wikipedia pegs it between "Persian Indigo" and "Prussian Blue," both suitably exotic names. It's the color of a wall in my office, irises at the flower market and Reese Witherspoon's Oscar's one of my favorites for spring:

Shoes - From Nine West in suede and satin.
Dress - Everything about this is lovely.
Top - Anthropologie calls it navy, but it's more than that. I love the neckline.
Shadow - I've been using dark purply-blue shadow for eyeliner, matched with a lighter grey shadow.
Notebook - From a fun journal and note card set on Etsy.
Ring - A dark purple sapphire cabochon.

Now if only I could find a couch or upholstered chair in this color. I'd be in heaven!


hyb said...

Love, love, love the bottom of Reese's dress. Such a perfect transition from the blue to the purple!

suburban prep said...

I can't say it enough Reese was the best dressed of the evening.

love.boxes said...

Beautiful color!

hqm said...

I am loving navy, too! It is a nice change from black. I have been mixing it with hot pink and green. And on a funnier note...I am, as we speak, dying a love seat slip cover navy for our beach house. Not sure how it will turn out...I'll keep you posted!
Found you through... More, more, more. Looking forward to more posts!