Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Revamping the Bathroom

Our tiny apartment bathroom has a new look for spring! Since the room is so small - 6x6 exactly including a sizable porcelain tub - there's not much to do but replace the shower curtain.

The Merimekko Kaiku design from Anthropologie is a perfect match with our green towels and the white honeycomb tile floors. And my bunch of daisies picked at archery are lovely in a tiny Moroccan vase next to the sink.


jordan said...

This is my favorite! I hope you get it.

MissEm said...

It's already purchased and installed! I love it :)

Speaking of, aren't those moss, fern and blossom "clouds" at anthropologie amazing?

love.boxes said...

Did your Anthropologie have the pile of actual beds and the ladder with the cans of peas... next the display of The Princess and the Pea. I love that place and the shower curtain is darling.

artgoodies said...

thanks for your link to this shower curtain (from design mom).
I love it! Totally my style. I had it in my scope already, but for now I am going with this totally awesome and bizare vintage shower curtain I picked up at an estate sale. It's pale yellow with swans, blooming lily pads, and an occasional hint at an eiffel towel like structure. Other colors included white and olive green. A real score!
Thanks! Lisa from artgoodies