Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shopping Challenge: Dressy Brown Flats

Haley, my sister's friend and a fan of the blog, wrote in with a shopping challenge this week:

Being the fashion goddess that you are, I'm writing for your help. I'm looking for a semi-dressy pair of brown flats. I've been looking for something kind of mary-jane-ish, but I'm really having trouble finding anything. Most of the shoes I've found are a little to, shall we say...mature for my taste.

This is a tough one. Dressy flats are hard enough to find...and in brown, yikes! Let's forget the mary jane part already; a strap on a flat usually means instant "cankle." What are some of Haley's options?

Peep-toe flats - These could be a bit matronly, I advise spicing them up with bright coral painted toenails. The tiny heel makes them work with skirts or pants. From J.Crew for $148.

Candy wedge - The micro-wedge is really the greatest shoe height! So comfortable. This shoe is basically the same concept as above but in burgundy patent leather for only $39.

Stella flat - These come in eight fun colors and leopard, I want one of each. They are even better in person. More versatile than dressy, though. $69 from Nordstrom.

Gain flat - Faux crocodile or snake skin with a fun buckle. This would be great with a mod little dress. $79 from Macy's.

Fey flat - An orange bow and stitching really boosts these basic brown flats. On clearance for only $36, so who cares if the orange might not go with everything.

Any of these shoes would be a great addition to a shoe collection. They all work with pants, skirts and jeans. If you Haley wants something a little dressier, I say go for gold instead of brown! This is a great example, as is this and this.


Haley said...'re great! These are some great options, its going to be tough to decide. I had a feeling you would come through on this challenge. Next up...what to wear to a wedding held here . I'm stumped!

Thanks so much :-D

MissEm said...

Holy cow! You are going to a wedding there? That is so awesome!

MissEm said...

You should totally wear this -

Haley said...

Very cute, good call.

Sara said...

im not sure if you can still find them but i really like the brown flats i have from marc o polo:

love.boxes said...

The top choice maybe a little old fashioned, but they are so classic and elegant too. I love those.

hyb said...

I love the shorter wedges - they're always super comfy!