Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Think Pink!

Say what you will about hot pink, but the color is universally flattering. It makes pale people tan and tan people have a natural blush. I don't advise building a wardrobe out of hot pink alone, however it is perfect in small amounts and classic styles. Diane von Furstenberg spotlighted the perfect hot pink in her spring collection.

Tank - Adorable layered with greys and denim.
Bikini - If there ever was a time that necessitated wearing a skin flattering color, bikini season would be it.
Lip Gloss - Brighten up your make-up for spring.
Make-up Bag - From J. Crew.
iPod - It just might be time to upgrade my old gold mini from a few years ago.


love.boxes said...

I am sitting here in head to toe hot pink, my favorite color ever as long as it is a pretty shade. Love this post Miss Em!

jordan said...

Hooray for pink. I love that makeup bag.

Nicole said...

love pink...perfect post in time for valentine's day. i already planned my outfit!