Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What to Wear: $2,463 Worth

Real, boring life can be so expensive. Just this morning I dropped $2,463.68 in the mailbox for boring bills. Taxes, new tires, DMV renewal, cable bill, etc. I wish I could have spent that money on something fun instead! Something like this spring outfit:
  • Dress - DVF classic wrap dress in a vintage red and white pattern for $325.
  • Trench - This Prada trench doesn't seem so unreasonable at $710 after you've just sent the same amount to the state capitol.
  • Shoes - Gucci metallic leather wedges with a peep toe and a cork heel for $495.
  • Clutch - I love how well this Kenneth Cole clutch for $158 goes with the shoes and earrings.
  • Earrings - From Anthropologie for $178.
  • Flowers - All tea roses, tulips and peonies from Church Street flowers for about $100.
Add a good spray tan ($50), some fresh new make-up ($100), a box of chocolates ($20) and a blow-out ($50) that's the right way to spend $2,400!


jordan said...

ha ha ha! I love this post.

hyb said...

How fabulous! I think we should be allowed to spend our taxes on luxury clothes. Then, the luxury clothing companies can take those additional dollars and spend them on providing more jobs to more talented, starving designers who make more fabulous clothes. And the whole economy grows.... Trickle-down economics at its best!

MissEm said...

You've officially converted me to "Reganomics" with that theory!

love.boxes said...

Wouldn't that be fun!!!

Beth said...

I LOVE the dress and the trench. This is very bad. I want them. I need them. I must have them!