Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What to Wear: Serious Layers

It seems that mother nature and father stock market teamed up yesterday to throw a giant tantrum. Thunderstorms...landslides...a 500 point drop...too much drama for me. Serious times call for serious outfits:

Dress - Chino basic shell in navy from Banana Republic.
Sweater - A little extra texture and warmth with the dress.
Jacket - This gray trench is so "French spy" and a pretty good deal for $129.
Necklace - Adds a vintage 1970's flair.
Boots - So very cold outside. These would be great with socks and tights.
Hat - I really need to buy more hats.
Gloves - A must have for those cold walks to work in the morning.
Purse - Another great Michael Kors bag, this time with a mod touch.
Paper - The Financial Times: full of important stock market data and pink!

1 comment:

love.boxes said...

I love this trench. What a pretty gray too...