Friday, March 02, 2007

Brilliant Idea of the Day: Recipe Journal

Here it is, the genius idea that I am sure is going to revolutionize my life: take all those handwritten recipes, pages ripped out of Gourmet and printed internet recipes that are crammed into the kitchen drawer and paste them into a leather journal. Voila! Instant cookbook.

I know, you're thinking I must be some kind of rocket scientist. But honestly, this is the first time the idea has occurred to me. It's bizarre since I have been both an avid journal keeper and recipe tearer-outer for at least a decade. I'm going to Flax to buy a good journal after work today.

The recipe journal will be my spring cleaning project for the weekend. This and unpacking a big box of antique linens into drawers so I can actually use them now and then. Are you spring cleaning this weekend?


Beth said...

LOL. I have to do this now. It seems so easy, yet I've been storing my ripped-out recipes in a ziploc bag for at least two years now! If only I had access to a Flax! ;)

Kerry said...

be sure to show us when you are finished with this project!

love.boxes said...

Very brilliant indeed!!!