Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vacation Wrap-Up

Whew! Things are finally starting to get back to normal. My jet lag is subsiding, I've unpacked and I finally made it through all my work emails. I also had time last night to sort through my photos from the trip to North Carolina!

Click here to see the photos from Chapel Hill, the Outer Banks and more pictures of Rob's proposal. Enjoy!


love.boxes said...

I am reading a book that takes place on The Outer Banks, an island called White Cap... is that a real place? ... not that after a 10 day vacation you are expected to know the names of every island out there. Fun reading though.. it's that Jan Karon series about Mitford, except in this one Father Tim leaves Mitford, so then it's not so much about Mitford as White Cap... Anyway, loved all the pics expecially of you getting engaged... hooray! ... and I love light houses, don't you? They are so lovely and you got some great landscape shots. But hey, are you serious about Shark eggs? Really, that is what they look like? I guess I've just never thought about what they would look like before. That would not make me feel like swimming.. Great vacation pictures! Way fun!

Kerry said...

Congratulations again! I have to know - did you make it to Duck, NC and did you hit the J.Crew outlet and did you get anything!?