Thursday, March 08, 2007

What to Wear: Chunky Necklace

I've had a craving for bold jewelry this week. Forget a delicate silver chain with a bird charm, I want chunky beads, big rings and bright bangles. Something with a lot of color and heft will be a good replacement for the scarves I've been clinging to all winter:
  • Necklace - I looked everywhere and Old Navy really had the best option. Two $14 bead necklaces in green.
  • Dress - Is it just me or has J.Crew been running the same sale for the last six months? This cotton shirt dress is $69 and would be nice with a bright slip underneath.
  • Shoes - Peep toe with a bow in blue suede for $89.
  • Purse - Really cute for a Nine West bag.
  • Scarf - Urban Outfitters has a fun collection of vintage-style scarves for $20.
It's a little conservative, but I still like it. Add a bright coat and some tights and you're set to go!

1 comment:

love.boxes said...

I love this one, I can afford it for one thing! Plus I love black as a background to color. And, I love the turquiose color! Love it!!! :)