Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What to Wear: Job Interview

Job interviews are a lot like first dates. You want to wear something semi "safe" that also reflects your personality and the particulars of the event. Debbie wrote in from Ohio with the following request:
I'm a 42-yr old graphic designer and I just got my first job interview after 8 years as a freelancer and mom-at-home. Do you have any cool outfit ideas for interviewing? I'm a bit overwhelmed!
How exciting! And stressful! Picking a perfect job interview outfit is so hard. Rob pitched in to help me with this one:

Shirt - Thomas Pink has the best high quality dress shirts in fun colors and patterns. At $138, it's a splurge but one that will really make a good impression.
Skirt - You could also do this with a good pair of pants. I prefer the shape of a blouse with a skirt myself. If you are interviewing with a formal office, add a matching blazer.
Shoes - These $78 Kenneth Cole pumps are fashionable and sensible.
Necklace - Just like on a date, I recommend wearing one conversation piece of jewelry. The beads on this $60 Anthropologie necklace are made of cotton.
Folio - Visit SeeJaneWork.com to find a unique portfolio to showcase your designs.
Pen - A sharp pen shows that you mean business.

I hope this outfit helps Debbie land her dream design job!


hyb said...

Good luck Debbie! This is a very sharp outfit!

love.boxes said...

this is one of my favorites. love it!

Beth said...

I love it! Good luck to Debbie.

Sara said...

looks great! i love the shirt.

Good luck Debbie!

Debbie said...

I love this whole outfit! Thanks so much! After doing freelance at home in my pj's or jeans for so long, I needed something like this to feel like a grown-up! It's perfect! I particularly like the necklace and folio ideas! Now I just have to walk in and wow them, right?! I'll keep you posted.... and thanks again!
Debbie in Ohio

MissEm said...

Good luck Debbie! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Vani said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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