Friday, March 09, 2007

What to Wear: Outdoor Concert

The weather is going to be perfect in San Francisco this weekend. If I was going to be here, I would try to find an open air concert in Golden Gate Park to attend. It's so fun to sit out in the sun with a glass of wine and some snacks listening to the symphony or opera. This would be a perfect outfit for that or for a casual spring wedding:
  • Dress - I am infatuated with this dress from Bloomindales. Look at the color, look at the sash on the back, look at the somewhat reasonable price! It would work better if I was at all tan, but I still want it.
  • Sweater - Cardigan in a great teal color.
  • Clutch - I love, love, love this patterned clutch.
  • Shoes - Brown peep toes work for something more formal. Flip flops would also be good!
  • Earrings - From Anthropologie.

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love.boxes said...

Very cute!