Monday, March 05, 2007

What to Wear: Travel Outfit

Only six days to go before vacation! I am so excited to visit North Carolina and unplug from the internet for a few days. I just bought new luggage from Loehmann's, booked a shuttle to the airport, requested a mail hold from the post office and already have my travel outfit picked out:
  • Shirt - A classic black button down is comfortable and versatile.
  • Blazer - Why is it always so cold on airplanes. A blazer gives you warmth without being unwieldy.
  • Jeans - I think this is the same paper of PD&C's that I have. I love them!
  • Flats - So helpful for getting through security quickly.
  • Luggage - Mine is in olive with a bright blue lining from DVF.
  • Wallet - Take this instead of a whole purse with the carry-on bag. Don't forget rosebud balm to counteract the dry plane air and a pashmina to double as a blanket.


jordan said...

Seriously, that luggage is so awesome.

Beth said...

I love your luggage! I'm flying out on Thursday and I have a very similar outfit all picked out!!