Thursday, April 12, 2007

Coveted: Freestanding Fireplace

Now that we have a fancy new elfa entertainment center in the closet, I have an extra space in the living room where the old TV cabinet used to be. My dream is to put in a freestanding fireplace. There are some pretty decent electric models that are all lights and mirrors and only require an electrical outlet. But Rob is pretty convinced that we could manage to install a no-vent propane model instead.

This model is the current leader (I would paint it) and not completely unrealistic for $850 including shipping. Warm weather doesn't start here in San Francisco until September, so there are plenty of cold months ahead perfect for cuddling around a fire. Does anyone know of a source for free-standing fireplaces with a more modern style?


Julie said...

I love fire places. So romantic.

Calie said...

Try this site for a more modern looking fireplace:

Check out the Dimplex - Maestro Bianca White or the Dimplex SOP-285-W-XX - Ovation Laguna White Contemporary.

Too bad glass burning fireplaces can’t be used as freestanding options because they are so pretty. See here


Stacy said...

I remember seeing one in Dandelion. I think it was stainless, but it has been awhile.