Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Round-Up: Spring Fever

Oh, it was so glorious to be home this weekend! Rob and I celebrated not going out of town by walking home after work in the nice weather Friday. We stopped at our local hardware store for paint chips and the produce market for groceries. Once home, we had a quite dinner of curry soba inspired by Cha-Ya and baked apples.

Saturday morning was all about reading and relaxing with a cup of tea. My friend, Sarah, called from Santa Cruz saying that she was coming in for lunch. I had just enough time for a pedicure before they arrived. Rob peeled off for the gym and I hitched a ride with Sarah and her friends to the Richmond for dim sum at Ton Kiang. After a big lunch, we visited the de Young and then came back to the apartment for a round of Cranium. The "olds" (Rob, Sarah and I) beat the "youngs" (Charlie, Bo and Paul) pretty squarely!

Sarah's gang left for North Beach at 6:00. Rob and I left for the Toots concert at 8:30, stopping for a quick slice of pizza on the way. For an AARP member, Toots really knows how to rock! It was a great show at the Warfield and was so much fun to see Matt and Amber. After, it was back home on the subway at 12:30 and straight to bed.

Rob and I both had oddly bad headaches the next morning. It took an extra bit of coffee and some scrambled eggs with turkey bacon to really get going. After a few errands, we packed up a quilt and spent two hours in Duboce park reading, watching dogs, wedding planning and getting a little sun.

All that warm weather put me into full spring cleaning mode and I spent the rest of the afternoon on a major dust and debris purge. My baseboards have never been cleaner! We took a quick trip to the Container Store for supplies and spent the rest of the night feathering our not-so-shabby-anymore apartment.

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love.boxes said...

I love a weekend at home. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. :)