Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up: Southern Belle

Oh man, I am so burnt out on traveling in the south! This was my second trip in the three weeks. I'm ready to never fly again.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of nice things about the south. I especially love blooming dogwood, pickle chips (seriously, why don't they have these everywhere?!), chik-fil-a, biscuits, the porch at Blue Ridge Grill, the crab salad at Woodfire, etc. In the end, I am a true Californian and always really happy to come back to my beloved organic, non-smoking, liberal, public transported, foggy San Francisco.

Poor Rob had a really bad case of food poisoning while I was away. When I made it back on Sunday, we suffered our respective stomach and jet lag problems together with a marathon of Gene Kelly movies. After a trip to San Luis Obispo for Easter, I promise we'll have a much deserved quiet weekend in the city.


jordan said...

Welcome Back!

Steph said...

How was your hotel? Hopefully it was up to standards. :)

MissEm said...

It was actually pretty nice! Marriot has those new beds with lots of pillows and fluff.