Friday, April 13, 2007

What to Wear: Arizona Wedding

Today's shopping challenge is full of lots of specific requirements. These kinds of detailed challenges are my favorite! Here is Mrs. Dub's request:
My brother is getting married. In Arizona. In June. Yet, his wedding colors are black, white and fuschia ... and everything I can find in those colors is either wintery or strapless. And did I mention that I need something that has sleeves? (Preferably short ones because of that whole Arizona in June thing.)

I also would like to mention that the last time I saw my Arizona family and friends, I was only two months post-partum. Since then I've lost nearly 50 pounds and would like to celebrate my new bod with a killer dress, preferably with a funky flair. Any ideas?

Oh, and I'm looking for something in the same colors for my charming 6-month-old, Miss Dub. But everything I can find is so cutesy. And she's really a sassy kind of baby. Thanks for your help! (And boy do I need it.)
Is this dressing-to-match-wedding-colors a new trend? I don't know that I've ever matched my outfit to a wedding's color scheme. Does that make me a bad person? Did I miss the memo on this? Enough musing! Here's my recommendation for this stylish mom and daughter in the desert:

Dress - I am in love with this dress from Anthropologie and it is on big-time sale right now. Goes with the color scheme without trying too hard, has sleeves and is flattering to a newly trimmed figure. Only $129.
Purse - Big enough to carry sunscreen and other necessary supplies. $34 from Target.
Shoes - These patent leather wedges are fun and still practical for running around all day.
Sunglasses - Celeb-style sunglasses for $20.
Earrings - Delicate gold hoops with navy beads.
Baby Dress - I know nothing about dressing small children, but this Old Navy dress seems modern and affordable to me.
Baby Shoes - Navy sandals from Robeez.
If you can, treat yourself to a pedicure, blow out and spray tan to go with the outfit. It's not everyday that your brother gets married and you get to show off :) Have fun in Arizona Mrs. Dub!


Haley said...

Seriously Emily...You are TOO good at this! I want this outfit, and you have totally inspired me to make a trip to Portland (and anthropologie) this weekend.

MissEm said...

Have fun in Portland Haley! Let me know if you find any great deals :)

suburban prep said...

Love the shoes for the adult. So cute.

Mrs. said...

Sorry that I'm so late to comment, especially as the letter writer of honor. But I was so in LOOOOVE with outfit that I passed out and just recently woke up.

(Also, I was offline way too long this last weekend.)

Thanks so much for the help. Consider it all bought!