Thursday, April 12, 2007

What to Wear: Farmer's Market

Sam is a culinary guru and author of bay area foodie blog, Becks & Posh. She wrote in with a shopping challenge last week:
A week from tomorrow I am going to the farmer's market (nothing different there), where I'll meet several local food blogging girlfriends (nothing new there either), only this time we will be entertaining a visiting, rather well-known blogger from New York. None of us need to worry about attracting him, we are not his type, but we'll want to look fabulously San Francisco and Farmers Market-y gorgeous nonetheless. What do you reckon?
A day at farmer's market is serious business in this city. And since you're meeting with a blogger, you'll want to be photo-ready for the resulting mentions on his site. Here's my recommendation:

Shirt - A white cotton shirt is always flattering. With the sleeves rolled up to show seriousness of intent.
Tank - I love the color of this tank from Target.
Jacket - This adorable green twill coat is under $50. The bright color will look great in photos with all the produce.
Jeans - Organic cotton Levi's. They don't make jeans more San Francisco than these!
Shoes - I like the contrasting light green color of these Lacoste loafers.
Sunglasses - In case it is bright and sunny out.
Necklace - Made by San Francisco artist Peggy Li and featuring a large silver leaf.
Basket - Designed for shopping and big enough to hold all the veggies, fruits, olive oils, chocolates and meats you want to take home.

Add a little fresh, pink, spring-y make-up and Sam will be ready for her day at the market!


Sam said...

Thank you Emily.
I love your what to wear series!
I hope your recovery is going well.

I never wear makeup - well about twice a year, but perhaps something fresh and pink would make me feel more like a spring chicken than I actually am.



MissEm said...

Maybe just some light lip gloss and blush! You need to compete with all those gorgeous asparagus and oranges. :)

hyb said...

This makes me want to get all dressed up and go to the Farmers Market tomorrow!

love.boxes said...

love the springy green jacket. :)