Friday, May 25, 2007

Urban Girl Alamanac: Sidewalks

Another fantastic week in San Francisco. It's always fun when the city has a hot spell, but I am secretly glad that the weather is back to being cold and foggy. Here's what I learned this week:
  • I love DogBlog!
  • Yay for the Sausalito Woman's Club.
  • Safeway is a great place to show off a fabulous outfit.
  • Thanks to all my physical therapy my return to the gym has been pretty easy. I'm already climbing a few 5.10b's.
  • The wagon outside the gym has the best chicken tacos in San Francisco.
  • Lost: I can't wait for next season.
  • Why is that I can sleep through fire trucks but not even the slightest hint of techno music from upstairs?
  • Mangos, cherries and avocados...oh my!
  • Finding the right outfit to attend a wedding is stressful.
  • This organic catering company looks so good.
  • I am ready for my parents to come back from vacation already.
  • Wear sunblock!
I'm so excited for the three day weekend ahead. Rob and I have free opera in the park, kayaking, archery, bike riding and rock climbing on our agenda. And we have our friend, Nicole, from coming for a visit tomorrow. Should be fun!


mamacita said...

Okay, Em, not to be crazy-picky, but doesn't the sign outside the building read "Sausalito Woman's Club?" I thought I saw that in the pictures. I just wouldn't want you to have it wrong on your invitations.

Julie said...

OOOOOOh. The organic catering is making my mouth water. The dog blog is very funny.

love.boxes said...

I hate it when neighbors share music. That's why the i-pod was invented.

Sounds like a great weekend. See if you lived in the burbs, you could have looked forward to planting, weeding and watering instead of most of those other things, but you know it took a few years to transition from city living and get used to how much a garden ties you down, but it's creating something beautiful and our garden is starting to be really lovely. I'm kind of getting into the gardening thing and aquiring a great farmer tan.

MissEm said...

Good catch Mamacita. Fixed it!

Anonymous said...

Missem, I hope you see this because I'm in dire need of your help. My friend's birthday is coming up and she's a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn and more specifically, her movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. I have scoured the internet to find a replica of the cat mask Audrey wore in the shoplifting scene of the movie. My search led me to one of your posts last halloween in which you gave an ebay link to the mask as a costume idea. Well, the link is expired now, and I need to know what exactly you searched for, how you found it, or anything else that may be helpful. I would greatly appreciate your help. My email address is

MissEm said...

Darn! I can't seem to find that mask anywhere. There's a good photo here. Maybe you could recreate it?

I used a more modern cat mask for my costume a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

I see. Well, thank you for your help.