Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Round-Up: Memorable

I'm sore, sunburned, tired and hungover...it must have been a great Memorial Day weekend! Let's see, what happened on Friday? Oh, right. We left work and took the 22 all the way to Chestnut Street for dinner with Matt and Amber. Mamacita, a marina-style taqueria, was already hopping when we arrived at 6:00. The margaritas and food were so good that we all ignored the prevalence of investment bankers and blondes.

Four pitchers of margaritas and some churros later, we crossed the street to catch Pirates of the Caribbean. Wow, is that movie ever long...and boring. We could barely stay awake and when it ended we took a taxi straight home.

I didn't get to sleep in on Saturday, thanks to the techno upstairs, but I did stay in my pajamas with a book until about 11. Our friend Nicole, a recent transplant to Utah, was in town for a wedding and met us for lunch at noon. Along with LAC member, Elisabeth, we walked down to Anchor Oyster Bar. Delicious lunch followed by some great shopping in the neighborhood.

They came back to the house for a while after lunch before leaving at 5:00 for the wedding in Alameda. Rob and I spent the rest of the evening relaxing, playing ukulele and reading.

Sunday morning! Up fairly early to prepare for climbing with Matt. There's a tiny rock wall a few blocks from our house that has two hard crack routes. It think it is technically called "Beaver Street Crack" but I like to call it "Pet Cemetery Crack" because of the painted pet tombstones that line the wall (what? your public park doesn't have pet graves?). Despite it being really cold and misty, we climbed hard for about three hours.

We decided to blow off the opera due to the cold weather and instead grabbed lunch from the Irish/Middle Eastern market and had a "jam session" at home. Matt is great at the guitar and is helping Rob learn the ukulele. Matt took off around 6:00 and we had another quiet evening.

Finally, Monday! It took me a while in the morning to realize that the sun was out and the weather was warming up for Memorial Day. Rob and I grabbed our archery gear and took the train out to Ocean Beach. Matt met us at 12:30 for a few rounds of target practice and being taunted by a gopher.

We ended the weekend in perfect style with a couple of hours at the Park Chalet. We managed to grab two coveted adirondak chairs and sat enjoying the weather with all the other picnicking babies and dogs. This is where the sunburn and the hangover came in to play ;)

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. You can see all my photos from these adventures online here. I hope you had a great Memorial Day break too!


sunny said...

your weekend sounds great! (apart from the not getting to sleep in and the boring movie).

I left SF two years ago and miss it dearly. Your writing about life in the city helps me feel as if I were there again.


MissEm said...

Aww! What was your favorite thing about San Francisco?