Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What to Wear: Alumni Reception

Anne wrote in recently with an outfit request for a musical reunion on a graduate student's budget:
I grew up in the bay area and spent my high school years playing in the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra. They are having their final concert of the season on May 20th but they are also having a reception for alumni and their families afterward. It will have been a very long time since I have seen many of my orchestra-mates and as always, would like to look chic and cute. But how? The concert is at 2pm so I imagine dress can be more on the casual side.

As far as budget goes...well, I *am* a grad student. But I should be finishing up in a year or so, and realize it might be time to get some grown-up clothes. I'd rather not spend too much money but am willing to spend more on pieces that are classic and will last me a long time. I am a very short asian girl. Well, not very short, I'm 5'0" on a good day, but I definitely buy most of my things in petite sizes so that I don't look like a little girl playing dress-up.
What a fun event! When it comes to looking hot and investing in a versatile basic, a wrap dress is the perfect solution. You can wear them anywhere and they're always flattering. Here's my pick:

Dress - I love the bright color of this wrap dress from Boden in Ketchup for $98. This British catalog makes really high quality clothes. I found a few specifically petite options that were similar, but not quite as functional or cute. This dress comes in regular and long lengths and could be easily hemmed.
Necklace - A maroon/brown color palate softens the bright pink for the afternoon event. This necklace is from Target.
Clutch - It seems that I am all about the alligator clutches recently! I just love the light brown color of this version from Nordstrom BP.
Pumps - A delicate platform will give Anne a bit of extra height. And the burgundy combination with the pink is fun.

Have fun at your party, Anne!


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful dress and colour! (Nice to see a dress with a natural waist instead of the Empire waist that seems to be everywhere at the moment.) Anne will look lovely at her alumni reception.

love.boxes said...

That dress id gorgeous and as usual the accessories are perfect!

Diana said...

The color is what makes this dress!