Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What to Wear: Business Meeting

It can be tough to find the right thing to wear for in today's casual offices. I'm pretty much always overdressed since my office largely wears jeans as a uniform. Katie has the same challenges:
I have to give a presentation at my Sales Meeting in two weeks. I work for a sporting goods company so the atmosphere is relaxed, even in big meetings, but I still want to be professional. I am young and I LOOK really young so I think sometimes my all middle aged and male salesforce can feel like I'm a daughter type. So I'd look to look like an adult, but an adult who is still the fun cool Marketing Manager.

The last little wrinkle is that I work for a female focused brand and in a very male dominated industry so I'd like to be feminine without being inappropriately sexy. I've been doing these presentation for five years and I feel like I've only nailed the look in the winter when you simply have more layers to work with!
This is such a fun challenge because it blends together so many contrasting themes: feminine, professional, young and athletic. I think I found the perfect thing for Katie:

Shirt - A pretty green v-neck tank is structured enough to wear without the jacket.
Jacket - A young, fun version of a traditional board room blazer.
Skirt - I love the length of this traditional white pencil skirt from Bloomingdales on sale. So classic and flattering!
Wedges - Always wear heels when you are presenting, it adds authority. These wedges are on sale.
Bag - Sport as fashion is big these days thanks to stella at Adidas, Diesel and Puma. This bag is made of pearlized PU and suede.
Portfolio - Alligator leather accordion file in dark green.
Earrings - Pearl drops.

And don't forget your lipstick! That always helps me look older; in a good way!


k8 said...

ooooo!!! Emily I love it!! And it totally breaks me out of my "wear black to look authoritative" uniform!!

You seriously saved the day-I can't wait to look super chic for this presentation!!!

MissEm said...

Yay! I am so glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Hello from London and tomorrow Athens. We are okay and know you are from your website. I wrote a wonderful newsy letter yesterday that %^$&*%$charter did not send on from what I can tell. Please email dfi to tell them that we have filmed ELEVEN rolls and have a mini series or a big editing job. Much love, you know who.

MissEm said...

Fantastic news! I'm glad to hear from you guys, even though cryptic blog comments.

Sorry that your email was eaten by Charter. I'll email DFI. Have a great time in Greece! I can't wait to hear more. :)

love.boxes said...

Amazingly spot on as ususal Miss Em.

Beth said...

LOL - I'm such a dork, I love the folder the best!