Friday, May 25, 2007

What to Wear: Florist

Chelsea from Frolic (don't you love her blog?!) wrote in earlier with a great shopping challenge:
I have never been able to pin down the most appropriate, stylish and comfortable outfit to wear when I work on flowers for a wedding. I climb on ladders, haul buckets of water, clip stems and then have to pin corsages on beautifully dressed guests and make discreet appearances after the wedding has already started to transfer flowers from venues or to wait for the baker to deliver the cake and arrange the flowers quickly as guests are arriving.

I often end up wearing all black which helps me blend in with the caterers but I am usually sweltering hot and I think black is kind of dismal for a summer wedding even if I am not a guest. Do you have suggestions for something, stylish, comfortable, and appropriate? I am short 5'4 and usually like some extra height but heels obviously won't work. I want to be comfortable and appropriatly dressed while hopefully displaying an effortless style.
I wish Chelsea lived in San Francisco so she could do my flowers! Here's my outfit suggestion:

Top - A delicate knit from Anthropologie will be comfortable and professional. This pick has a flower crochet pattern on the edge for a bit of humor. Pair it with a basic cami.
Trousers - Club Monaco really has the best pants, but sadly no online store. This pair is from J.Crew.
Apron - From Lotta Jansdotter in blue linen. Chelsea could add pockets in a complimentary fabric for her tools and supplies.
Shoes - A foot-friendly wedge from Naturalizer.
Earrings - Green studs from Forever21.
Bracelet - A wood bangle adds a natural flair.



Chelsea said...

Thank you Emily! I love this, especially the apron:)!!

love.boxes said...

Great outfit!