Thursday, May 10, 2007

What to Wear: Greece

Many thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post about "dream crushers" in the wedding industry! I'm lucky to have such great (and resourceful) readers. I feel so much better already and have found some great alternatives.

Let's get back to it! Melissa from Montreal is about to set off on a Greek cruise (as are, coincidentally, my parents). She's got all her formal outfits picked out but needs some guidance with other basics.
So, I figured I'd ask you since I'm beginning to panic about what to bring on my Greek island cruise, coming up this June. I'm a small Asian (only 5 feet), weight about 108lbs, and I have long dark hair. I love colour and I don't want to look touristy. Do you have any suggestions on what I could bring to get full usage for mixing and matching? The other issue, of course, is trying to keep things light--it's a 14 day cruise and we'll be staying on 2 of the islands (Santorini and Crete!) for 3 days each, so I'll have to bring my suitcase with me.
Pack light! It's so much easier to mix and match a few pieces. I used to be a heavy packer, bringing all sorts of things I'd never wear outside a vacation. Things like hats. Instead pick a color palette and bring a few basics with more small pieces like tank tops for mixing it up. Forever 21 has inexpensive jersey dresses that are perfect for a trip like this. Here are a couple things I'd pack for Greece:

T-shirt -I love the cut of this shirt from Anthropologie. It's casual with during the day or dressed up with a skirt for dinner.
Trousers - They're not very practical but you simply have to take white pants with you to Greece.
Skirt - Inexpensive and bright from Zara.
Shoes - These are cute but also "comfort sandals" for hiking around steep seaside towns.
Bag - A seagrass tote from Target matches the trip and can be easily tossed if you find a replacement in Greece.
Bangle - Accessories! So easy to pack and so potent.
Sunglasses - Of course! A must-have along with your bikinis.

All that blue water, amber jewelry, ancient ruins, ouzo and moussaka...I'm more than a little jealous. Send me a postcard Melissa!


suburban prep said...

Having been to Greece for my brother's wedding I think you picked a wonderful attire. I was on a cruise over to Europe two yrs ago and well that was a concern of mine in regards to not wanting to look like a tourist.

Adrienne said...

Miss Em, great pick for the Greece cruise! I love your blog and check in on it every few days. I wanted to express my sympathy for your not being able to have your wedding at your dream location. I just now read that post. My wedding was March 3, 2007 and I know how you feel. We had a similar experience, but our second choice venue turned out to be beautiful and I eventually loved it even more. Since you asked for suggestions on an alternative, I wanted to mention Rose Story Farm in Carpinteria. I live in Dallas, TX, so I don't know how far away that is for you. But I saw someone's wedding there on and it was so gorgeous, thousands of roses. It would be great for a romantic outdoor wedding. Here is their website. (I don't know how expensive it is either, sorry) Good luck with the wedding!! It'll be gorgeous no matter what you decide to do!! :)

MissEm said...

It's funny that you mention Rose Story Farm! I want to order some of their heirloom roses for my flowers :)

Karen said...

I just purchased this top in an emerald green and it's BEAUTIFUL!! Such a flattering top. I'm new to your blog Emily and I just adore it.