Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What to Wear: The Lodge at Pebble Beach

My imagination ran a little wild with Jessica's fun request for the upcoming Father's Day weekend:
So, here is my challenge for you. We are going to the Lodge at Pebble Beach for Father’s Day. This is a once in a lifetime thing for my husband as jetting off to high-priced golf resorts are not typical for us. We are going to the Tap Room for dinner on Saturday night without our very young kids and the website states it is ‘resort attire.’ What is that exactly? Regardless, I’d love to just take off my mom-mode and get dressed up.

We just bought a new house, so the budget is very limited - $150. I do have several weddings to go to this summer, so if it can double for a wedding, I can justify spending more. I am a size 6 with any extra weight sitting in my tummy and I recently chopped my hair into a bob. I’d prefer closed toe or peep-toe shoes since I rarely get the time for a pedicure. I think that’s it.
A weekend at an 88 year old golf lodge? Resort attire? A bob? I can't be the only one who instantly had a 15 minute long "Gatsby" daydream by all this! Of course, a beaded sheath and fur stole isn't going to work for Jessica. Back to reality! Resort attire these days means something you would wear to a country club; no jeans and nothing too revealing.

Dress - Casual enough for a resort and formal enough for a wedding. Super flattering color and tummy hiding sash. This dress is definitely not mom-style but is mom-friendly machine washable.
Shoes - A white wedge from Target for $24. Enough coverage for a faux pedicure.
Clutch - Caning pattern straw clutch for $28.
Earrings - Beaded chandelier earrings are flirty with a short bob.

Jessica is going to be one hot-mom in this outfit! Happy Father's Day indeed ;)


love.boxes said...

That dress is so feminine and pretty! :)

Katie said...

Love the dress

s.l.greek said...

stumbled across your blog today and thought i would throw in my 2 cents... i work for pebble beach com. and even though they think they are "all that" the tap room is just an over priced pub. i have seen everything from furs and diamonds to ragged jeans and tees walk in and out of this spot. your outfit works great as would any other business casual attire. be comfortable the large portions warrant it. enjoy the view-it's free!