Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What to Wear: BCBG Post Baby

I love all the details that came with Tina's request:
Your blog is one of my favorites - I love that it inspires me to put more effort into my fashion choices (as a new mom I use that term loosely) without making me feel like a total schlub in the process. I am going to an evening wedding in two weeks - my first big outing post-baby.

I have a gorgeous dress (it's a lot longer on me than the model) but I am at a loss for accessories - and I need the works - jewelry, shoes, bag, shawl/light coat. The difficulty for me lies in the color of the dress (navy) and my desire for something really fun and different (translation: baby weight camouflage).

I was thinking of going with gold, but I'm having a hard time finding metallics that are young, fresh and sexy - without wandering into hoochie territory or winding up excessively matchy-matchy (do I need a third color? Is gold just a bad idea??). It doesn't help that I have very little time to shop and need to keep the final tab within reason, ideally $200 or less.

About me: I am 5"4' with medium fair skin and almost black hair. Due to my need for a light cover-up of some kind I feel I must mention my current excess of cleavage, which limited my dress options considerably, and would likely do the same for any sort of structured item with a front closure.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for any and all guidance!
Whew! I feel stressed just reading that. Luckily, Tina's already done the hard part. She found a gorgeous & flattering blue dress. Here's one way to work it for the wedding:

Cropped Jackets - I posted two because I couldn't decide which was better. I love the open front and bold pattern of the top option from Forever 21, but it might be a little much for Tina. The more basic white option is from Wet-Seal. The real lesson here is that Tina should take the dress with her to one fabulously inexpensive shop and try on the pairings in person.
Clutch - Vintage silver bag from Etsy for $14. I love the simple silver/navy combo for the evening.
Shoes - Silver sandals from Kenneth Cole with a foot-friendly heel and a wallet friendly $70 price tag.
Bracelet - A basic sterling silver bangle.
Earrings - There's already a lot going on with this outfit. Keep it balanced with simple faux diamond studs.

Have fun at the wedding, Tina!


Anonymous said...

Cute dress. Where is it from?


MissEm said...

BCBG, there's no direct link :)