Monday, June 25, 2007

What to Wear: Country Club Date

Our reader, Nancy, has a very fancy date coming up this week:
Please help!! I have a hot lunch date with a wealthy gentleman next week in OC at a country club. He is from an old Houston family and has made comments about the women in So. Cal. not knowing how to dress appropriately! I have lived in SF so I have some clue but my wardrobe for the past year has been suburban soccer mom!

I am in my mid 40's- great shape (petite size 2) 5'3". I have long brunette hair, kind of classic looking. I know a luncheon dress would work but not sure my legs are ready to see the light (if you know what I mean). Can you help??
Oh my! Let's many times have I been invited to extremely posh country club for lunch? Right, never. I'll be relying on that experience and my own vivid imagination of how people who are very wealthy dress for this challenge:

Shell - Pretty yellow cashmere with button details.
Cardigan - A perfect "country club" pattern.
Trousers - I was hoping to find something a little more classically "Katherine Hepburn" but these petite Banana Republic pants are close.
Bracelet - So appropo from Brooks Brothers.
Heels - Yellow suede pumps from J.Crew.
Clutch - Woven straw wristlet with a Chanel-inspired strap for only $24.

Good luck on your date, Nancy!

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love.boxes said...

I love when Miss Emily chooses yellow.. it's one of the friendliest colors. Cute outfit!