Monday, June 11, 2007

What to Wear: Irish Wedding

(Oops. I forgot my camera at home, so the weekend round-up will have to wait until tonight.)

Even simple things can be a challenge when you are in a foreign country. Learning how to grocery shop, mind your manners or even boil water can tricky when you are away from home. Imagine attending a wedding in a foreign country, like Kristina:
I’m over in sunny London (well it is today!) and I have been ‘seeing’ someone only for a few months now but he has invited me to a family wedding over in Ireland. I’m a bit nervous as it is, as I’ve only been dating him a while so I need to feel comfortable but still want to make a good impression.

I have this Ted Baker dress that I have already bought & these Nine West shoes. Bearing in mind the Irish weather, as it can be quite unpredictable, would like to have something to cover my shoulders and would also like some pretty accessories as I’ve recently become quite girly (aged 25!). To make matters worse, I have no idea what type of wedding this will be & the boy isn’t very forthcoming with information… Any fabulous ideas?
What an adventure! It sounds like Kristina will have to be prepared for almost anything. Luckily, the dress and shoes she already has are a great start:

Sweater - Go with a girly blue cardigan. It's a fresher match than pink with black and white. I had originally picked out a more traditional one from J.Crew in baby blue, but she probably doesn't have that in London. This version is from Topshop with cute ruched sleeves.
Earrings - You can't get much more girly than diamond and pearl drops! This faux pair is from Harrods.
Clutch - In silver from Topshop.

Have a great time at this wedding, Kristina!


Stephanie said...

Women wear hats to weddings in England. Do they do so in Ireland as well?

MissEm said...

I don't know. That would rock. Beth? Fill us in!

Beth said...

Lovely! This will totally fit in at an Irish wedding. I'd skip the hat though - usually only plder family members would do that and I'm not sure that they are big with any woman under the age of 30 anymore but those fany hair clips with a little netting or feathers are popular so you could always use on of them if you want a little something extra!!

O.K. said...

Thank you Emily... very useful & what a find in those earrings, I'd say they match the shoes perfectly.

I can now stop stressing & look forward to the day!

love.boxes said...

so pretty Miss Em. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to an irish wedding in September. I have no clue what to wear. All I know is the wedding is in a castle, in September. I'd like to get a floor length gown but, would this be too much fancy? Is it really true that's it's bad luck to wear green? Some one help me!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow... sorry about those spelling errors!

Anonymous said...

not good to wear white to a wedding!!! only the bride should be in white!!! duh.