Thursday, June 14, 2007

What to Wear: Irvine Graduation

Graduation season is here and plenty of people are having a hard time deciding what to wear under their cap and gown. It's especially tricky in California, where casual is king. Courtney has this question:
I read your blog all the time and love your “What to Wear” ideas. I have one for you, if you could help me. I am graduating next weekend and I am trying to find something to wear under my cap and gown. I want something that will be nice for brunch afterwards as well. I am on a student’s budget (and a post-graduate, soon-to-be-paying-off-loans budget) so something classy but inexpensive would be nice. Any ideas?
Graduation is so fun! I've found a few affordable basics for our recent grad:

Dress - This adorable knit dress with a tuxedo front is even better looking on the model. The collar will look great under a gown (matches your lei) and you can certainly wear it other places. The best part? Only $88.
Shoes - Be one of the proud few not wearing flip flops ;) These grass friendly wedges are $79.
Earrings - A graduation gift to yourself for $38.


love.boxes said...

I love the dress and with having your picture taken and things like that.. the "grass friendly wedges" are a fabulous idea! :)

Courtney said...

Thanks so much Emily!