Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What to Wear: Pearls!

Sarah wrote in with a question about pearls:
I'm looking to find some cheap fake pearl necklaces... not choker length, more of a mid-length... although a long string that I can double up would be fine, too. I have been looking everywhere with no luck! What's a girl to do when she wants a cheap fake pearl necklace??
I love wearing pearls! There are so many places to shop and so many different styles to choose from. I picked a couple great strands for Sarah:

Big and Bold - So classic with any sort of collared shirt or dress for work. You can find a lot of vintage pieces like these. This particular choice is from Anne Taylor for $38.

Long and Lean - Channel your inner flapper with a long strand. Great doubled up with a v-neck sweater and trousers. This strand is from Forever 21 for $7.00.

Fresh and Different - Try classic pearls in a unique design. This multi strand pearl and bead set is $20 with matching earrings.

Classic and Simple - It's worth spending a tiny bit more for a classic set of pearls. This set of freshwater pearls in a mid-length necklace, bracelet and studs is on sale for $79 from JCPenney.

I'm inspired to wear my pearls tomorrow!


hyb said...

My everyday jewelry has been pearls recently. I have a pendant with a single pearl, a pair of pearl studs, and a very dainty little antique pearl ring given to me at my engagement party. I love your suggestions to add to my repertoire!

Alexandria said...

Thanks for the tip on where to get pearls! I've completely misplaced my old strand of pearls, and I've been looking for something affordable to replace them.