Monday, June 18, 2007

What to Wear: San Francisco Summer

Summers in San Francisco can be cold, cloudy times. But that doesn't mean you should keep wearing your winter coat and tweed pants until August. SF newcomer, Alison, has a request:
I have a shopping challenge that I'd like to get your take on. I've only lived in San Francisco a few months, so this is my first summer here. The summer weather is much cooler than what I'm used to, so my wardrobe doesn't seem to fit the season. I feel like I put on my fall clothes every morning. I'm looking for some clothes that seem summery but are still warm. I'm about 5'2 and wear "corporate casual" to work every day (though some weekend options would be appreciated as well). My budget is a bit limited since I have a lot to buy!
The trick is to wear lots of summer colors (white and bright tropicals) and fabrics (linens) but in cuts that give you extra warmth for those chilly 50-60 degree days:

Sweater - Bright colors always feel like summer. This cardigan is a classic with the matching shell or even better with a fun printed tank underneath.
Trousers - In white linen.
Shoes - It's not so cold that you can't rock a sandal wedge and a cute pedicure.
Bag - A new summer purse is always fun.
Earrings - A dangly pair with teal beads.
Bracelet - Matches the earrings and makes the outfit extra bright.

Tunic - A linen tunic is absolutely summer but also surprisingly warm. This version from La Redoute is a steal.
Jeans - I heard that Old Navy's jeans are actually really cute...I need to investigate myself.
Belt - Slung low over the tunic.
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell makes the most comfortable flats for hiking around the city. I've worn completely through a few pairs myself.
Bracelet - A little "safari" touch.
Sunglasses - A summer must, even on foggy days.

Voila! Alison will be warm while looking hot!

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AlisonM said...

Thanks so much! I love the suggestions. I can't wait to go shopping now that I have some direction.