Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Round-Up: Our Fair City

I'm exhausted! This was a fun-filled, exercise-filled weekend. On Friday night, we decided to bail on our normal bouldering session in exchange for a quiet night at home. I was super worn out from the week and it was nice to just be "tucked in" for the evening.

On Saturday morning we had a quick breakfast to prepare for our big day of cycling. Seth and Amy arrived from Sacramento at 11:00 and we went directly out on our bikes. We rode all the way through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach.

From Ocean Beach we rode south past the zoo to Lake Merced. Around Lake Merced and back to Tour de Fat in the park. After our 17 mile ride, we were starving. The unfortunate food situation (largely vegan) was balanced out by the beer sponsorship by Fat Tire. Circus Contraption put on a surprisingly good show. I guess I'm a sucker for anything involving tap dancing.

After the show, we rode out of the park and down to SOMA for the big sale at Performance Bikes. Back home via 17th street put us at a grand total of 20+ miles for the day. A new, rear-crushing record for me.

After a little recovery, we all went for dinner at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant. Seth and Amy decided not to spend the night, so Rob and I had a quiet night of watching Breaking Away and trying not to move.

We grabbed a Sunday Times and had a nice breakfast out on the patio at Chow. At this point, I had pretty much sworn off exercise for life. Somehow Rob managed to con me into a last minute kayaking trip in Sausalito with Matt and Amber. It was an amazingly gorgeous day across the bay. We paddled all the way to downtown, where I jumped out of the boat and took a dip. The cold water felt so good.

On the return, Rob said he would swim with me if we beat Matt and Amber back to the dock. I paddled like mad and went straight in the water when we landed. It was so nice to swim! We even got Matt to join us in the water. Fully cooled off, we drove down the street for lunch at Fish. It was really good but pricey, I recommend just getting the big bowl of ceviche to share and some jars of lemonade.

Back home over the bridge at 4:00. We drove around the city a bit looking at real estate signs. This $1.9 million home on one of the best streets in our neighborhood is especially heartbreaking.

Rob and I watched the Tour back at home and rested our sore bodies, trying hard to move as little as possible.


The Illustrious Lindsay said...

I went to college in Fort Collins, the same place New Belgium is headquarted at. It is really exciting to see this once little brewery making it all the way to California! Especially because they are a great company to their employees, community and environment.

I hope those special/fashionable bike pants helped soften all of the riding this weekend!

Tonia Conger said...

Nate and I got road bikes last year and we've just recently been getting out on them regularly. I'm addicted to riding now. We did 20 miles on Saturday on hilly terrain. Doesn't it feel good to really push yourself and tackle a hill you thought was impossible? Love it!

Miche said...

Emily - I love reading your weekend roundups every Monday. I feel like such an armchair tourist, but in my own city! I just wanted to say thanks for keeping up with the roundups and, uh, biking all over creation, er, town and sharing what's going on. LOL. ;)

MissEm said...

Awww! Thanks!