Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Round Up: Tour de San

Surprise, surprise! My weekend involved a lot of working out, as seems to be becoming the norm. On Friday, Rob and I met Matt at the climbing gym for some bouldering. I climbed my first on-site V1+ and completely wore myself out. Quiet dinner of poached salmon and white corn at home.

We watched the Tour in the Alps on Saturday morning in our PJ's and then motivated for a bike ride of our own. This was just a short ride: about 6 miles around the park and lunch at the de Young cafe. Back home for a bit before heading downtown to check out the Honda Fit (I want it!) and to buy some sheets and towels at Macy's. I had work to do, so we had another quiet night at home. This time with roast chicken and artichokes for dinner.

A quick breakfast on Sunday morning before being picked up by Matt for a big ride. Starting from their Russian Hill apartment, we rode down through Fort Mason and Crissy Field. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge completely encased in thick fog and managed a steep two mile climb in Marin. On our way back, we posed for some great photos by the bridge:

Back over the bride and through the Presidio to finish the 14 mile trip. Starving, we decided to go with the Tour theme and have a French sidewalk lunch at Chez Maman on Union. We had the most delicious baked cambozola and roasted garlic to start and burgers and frites to finish.

Amber and I did a quick bit of shopping after lunch while the boys visited a bike shop. At 3:00, Rob and I faced another steep 2 mile ride home on the bike (not fun with a belly full of cheese and Chimay). I was so exhausted when we got home that I barely managed to get my shoes off before falling asleep for an hour long nap.

Rob and I had a quiet evening of epson salt baths, rehydration and rest for the busy week ahead.

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love.boxes said...

Sounds like fun.. it's a good idea to do all the excercise so that you can eat the cheese dish! :)