Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Round-Up: Nerdapalooza

I'm not sure exactly why, but this weekend was so nerdy! Friday night wasn't too bad. We did laundry & had dinner at our local sushi restaurant. Back at home I did a spa night.

Saturday morning, I woke up late and made a breakfast of coffee, oatmeal and turkey bacon. And then we watched Dune in HD, which I had never seen and which is awesomely bad (Sting in a speedo! Superfluous inner-dialog narration!)

After the movie, Rob and I took the train out to Golden Gate park to visit the de Young Museum. All the new exhibits were fascinating. Shi Guorui's pinhole camera exhibit inspired me to buy my own kit, similar to this. From the museum, we walked back home along Haight Street. We stopped at the insanely cheap green grocer on Divisadero. Honeydew, 9 artichokes, red potatoes, carrots, limes, late harvest grapes, mint, garlic and nectarines for under $10!

Back at home, I worked on my camera and made turkey soup. Our nerd movie marathon continued with War Games, which I had also not seen before.

We had another big healthy breakfast at home on Sunday before driving out to the park to meet Matt for some disc golf. Rob and I dressed as traditional golfers - polo shirts, gloves, tweed caps - much to Matt's chagrin (I have photos but forgot my camera).

My inability to throw more than 30 feet at a time led to an average triple bogey on each hole. Mini golf turned out to be a lot more strenuous than I expected. We ran up and down the park and all through the bushes in search of wayward frisbees. Two hours and 18 holes later, it was time to pack it up.

Exhausted, Rob and I stopped for a late lunch at Green Chile Kitchen. Back at home, we only had a half hour to recover and prepare for my cousin's engagement photo shoot. They picked us up at 4:30 and we drove over to Crissy Field for the pictures. Back at home again at 6:00. I worked on my paper camera some more.

The nerdapalooza clincher: I watched High School Musical for the first time on Sunday night. Wow. That is one perky movie. It reminded me of my brief infatuation with S Club 7. Did you know that Zac Efron is from my hometown? (Great, now I'm a nerd and 16 years old).


Beth said...

When I rented High School Musical I thought it was mocking the teen genre, like Scary Movie or something similar. Boy was I suprised!

tiffany said...

I'll one up you---a couple weeks ago, while visiting your fair city, we stayed in our hotel room to watch the World(!) Premiere(!) of High School Musical TWO!!!

I'd blame it on my ten year-old, but I sorta wanted to see it too. Now that's nerdy.

Emily said...

No way, HSM is super cool.
You are not a nerd.
Maybe you should recreate some cooler outfits inspired by the characters though, cause no one can be that colorful in real life.

love.boxes said...

I haven't see HS Musical, but we have the cd.. I think the perkiness is the main selling point.. I don't know the this music although upbeat is really any good, it's not Huey Lewis by any stretch of the imagination, but atleast it isn't the depressing whiney stuff you hear so much on the top 40 stations these days... I just can't take the whineyness.. I hope we're all a bit more hopeful and bright on the music scene very soon.