Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What to Wear: Meetings

Meena wrote in this week with a request for an upcoming busy day:
I am a freelance food writer and have a bit of a fashion dilemma for an upcoming meeting. I’m meeting with the coordinator of a cooking school to discuss the possibly of an opportunity for me to teach. Two hours after that, I have a lunch meeting with the editor of a lifestyle magazine. I’m so confused as to what I should wear.

I prefer wearing pants since it would be easier from me to jump from one train to the other while commuting from both places. Also, I’m quite short in height with a large chest. This makes it hard for me to put together a smart business casual outfit. Please help!
I love putting together professional outfits for creative types; designs, writers, etc. The rules are just a little more flexible.

Blazer - $98 in versatile brown from Anthropologie. Also would be great with jeans.
Shirt - Dark teal is so flattering and appropriate for a chef. Plus, casual enough so that you can ditch the coat and jump in the kitchen if needed.
Trousers - A light brown tweed always looks sharp. Get a nice, lined pair tailored and you'll wear them for years.
Pumps - The blue suede pumps look super comfortable and add a little height and fun.
Bracelet - From Forever 21.
Bag - A big tote to fit all your supplies and writing samples for the day.
Good luck with your meetings!

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