Thursday, August 09, 2007

What to Wear: Red Shirtdress for All Seasons

Depending on where you live, you're either dealing with incredible heat or overcast cold this week. Luckily, there are a lot of clothes that can handle both summer and winter weather (no matter what time of year it really is). Cynthia wrote in with this request:
I just bought a cute shirtdress and was wondering whether you could come up with some outfit ideas around it. It's red, hits slightly above the knee, has short sleeves, and came with a wide black belt. I'd like to be able to wear it in spring, summer, and fall if possible; I'm thinking layering, but not sure how best to go about it. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm such a fan of shirtdresses! Here's my recommendation:

Dress - An approximation of Cynthia's. $100 from Nordstrom. In her case, she'll need two belts to replace the sash: one summery in light leather and one in dark brown for fall.
Shoes - Summery espadrilles.
Straw tote - From Spiegel for $20.
Headband - From J.Crew in bright silk.

Cropped jacket
- Houndstooth is fun for fall. This little jacket would also be nice with jeans and a sweater.
Boots - A good pair of boots is priceless. This pair from J.Crew will go with anything, in this case a red dress and a pair of tights.
Handbag - From Target.

Okay, that's it. Bring it on, cold weather. I know summer is on the way here in SF, but I'm really tempted to unpack the tweeds. My ideal outfit today would be a pair of wool trousers, a thick cableknit sweater, bright wool coat and leather boots!


Allison said...

I love the cold ensemble. Sooo cute.

Emily said...

love that little jacket from tulle.. they have some cute stuff right now

kim said...

Love the dress and the looks you put together!

hyb said...

I'm loving the shoe-bag combos today.