Friday, August 24, 2007

What to Wear: White Shoes

Sara, our favorite resident of Geneva and Garden Room lunch companion, wrote in with a request based around shoes:
I thought of an outfit question for you, I just ordered two pairs of white shoes. Aside from one dress, I don't know what to wear them with. I'm trying to branch out from always wearing black and I thought these were both cute (and a good deal, the Bloomies ones were an additional half off, so only $32, although I had to call in to get the code to work. Maybe an outfit with a dark jeans skirt would work? I just ordered this one. I'm starting to doubt my venture into owning white shoes :)
White shoes are so versatile once you get used to them. They're lovely with floral-type skirts and flouncy things...but even better with darker colors. Here are two outfits, one for summer and one for fall:

Shirt - Pretty and ruffled from Anthropologie. (who is apparently still killing all external links, drats)
Skirt - Excellent choice Sara! I love this dark denim pencil skirt from J Crew.
Messenger Bag - From Old Navy. Really, you don't need to match your bag to the shoes. Any outfit-matching bag will do just fine.
Earrings - An extra splash of color.

Sweater - This J Crew cardigan has a bit of white detail to match the shoes.
Pants - They look odd in this photo, however, there's nothing quite as nice as a good pair of wool trousers.
Purse - Again, matching isn't necessary. I have an off-white bag myself and love that it goes with nearly everything.
Jacket - From Tulle with a great mod collar.
Earrings - Basic studs.

Enjoy your new shoes, Sara!


Sara said...

thank you!! i love both of these, the ruffle blouse is so cute with the dark skirt and light shoes, that is going on my shopping list for my next trip.

Tiffany said...

I gotta tell you--I love the outfits you put together! And I have to ask, how do you layer all the pieces from different places to look like one photo? Do you photoshop everything? I'm just oh-so impressed.

Emily said...

I can vouch for that messenger bag from old navy. I just picked up it a couple of weeks ago b/c I needed a bag for work. It's really cute with the floral details inside and on the straps and it's big enough for a small laptop but doesn't look huge on a small framed person!

D. Elizabeth said...

I love how you put these outfits together! so fantastic

MissEm said...

It's all PhotoShop!