Friday, September 14, 2007

Urban Girl Almanac: Busy Bee

Between work, fun and wedding planning, this was one very busy week. It's also been a super productive week, so it was worth it.
  • Monday night dinner out with friends is a lovely little luxury.
  • My wedding dress seamstress, Tracy, is going to rock!
  • Fresh chilis are the best.
  • My living furniture has a secret night appears on the set of Chelsea Lately. A dubious distinction, but still. I had a fun little daydream about it taking the subway to the studio.
  • I wore a dress to work three days this week, good job me.
  • Pet peeve: People who brag about staying late to work and also happen to get in late. Yeah, 10 am to 7pm...real impressive eight hours there.
  • I could watch 30 Rock all day, every day.
  • What to wear? Eggplant, apparently.
  • I saw someone commuting to work on a unicycle this week.
  • Caterer tastings are fun. And also sort of heinously similar to performance reviews at work.
  • We were treated to the best sunset while driving back over the bridge last night. Click on the photo to get a closer look of this gorgeous city.
  • That leftover green chili is going to make some awesome nachos for dinner tonight.
  • New song obsession: Scar That Never Heals by Jeremy Fisher.
We're going sailing tomorrow morning. I can't wait! Expect many photos on Monday. Have a great weekend!


MissScientistSF said...

Sailing!?! How awesome. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Do you mind adding more info on your seamstress? Does she make custom designs? I am stuck trying to find a good seamstress (not necessarily a "wedding" seamstress) as I would like a custom 50's/Audrey styled dress.


MissEm said...

She unfortunately can't take on projects until the start of 2008. In the meantime, I've heard good things about this woman -