Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What to Wear: France and Italy in Fall

Traveling during the fall and winter can be so lovely. Sure, you have to pack some extra layers. But you're rewarded with fewer crowds and a more authentic experience. Rob and I went to Italy in January once. It was freezing and magnificent. Here is Sarah's request:
I loved your post from April about what to pack for a trip to Europe, and was wondering if you would do an update for current style trends and weather. I am going to Provence, Florence, and Rome for the first two weeks of October. I will be mostly wine tasting, a little touristy stuff and a one day cooking class. In Italy, it will be all typical sightseeing. Would love your thoughts!

Sweater - Just like the J.Crew version, but cheaper!
Chinos - A pair of pants you can dress up and down, plus light enough to wash in the sink if needed.
Dress - Forever 21 has a ton of these fun, easy to pack dresses. This particular $20 model seems so perfect for wine tasting in Provence (with a tank).
Cardigan - Great with the trousers, dress, jeans, etc.
Skirt - Pleated velvet from La Redoute, with pockets!
Sneakers - A must have. As a bonus, these pumas are super light and easy to pack.
Flats - A pair that can work with pants or skirts. Broken in before you leave.
Boots - These aren't at all rational, packable or affordable...but still. Wouldn't you love to have them on vacation with you?
Earrings - Pearl studs go with everything.
Bag - Big enough to carry your guide book and camera. Cheap enough that you don't need to fret about it.
Headband - Because you will get tired of trying to do your hair everyday. And because I think that is the perfect traveling-in-Europe hairstyle.

I would also take this snap sweater, a great pair of dark jeans, some t-shirts and a blazer or light coat. This is one of my favorite WTW's! Enjoy your trip, Sarah!


hyb said...

I love the little bouquet of lavender! Great suggestions!

mamacita said...

Em-- You've seen these Eva Scrivo ballerina bands, right? Pricey, but so so chic. When I was in Italy in April, metallics were huge.

The Illustrious Lindsay said...

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this post! I am going to France and Italy in November! I hope the trip is a lot of fun for you, Sarah. I'm really looking forward to mine.

Janet said...

Great job -- except perhaps for the snap sweater. But all else was very, very cute. I need to especially get the Old Navy shawl collar sweater!

Jill said...

yes please, I'd love one of each. and France/Italy in the Fall... YES PLEASE!