Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What to Wear: San Francisco Day & Night

San Francisco is such a fun city for visitors. Sandra is coming in October with a toddler and some big plans:
Here is my fashion dilemma. I used to be a corporate-y type person, then went back to grad school to study psychology and now am the mom of a toddler. In 3 weeks I will be in San Francisco at a conference where I will be the “partner’s” wife (it’s my husband’s conference). We have at least one “business casual” dinner plus sight seeing plus a dinner at Chez Panisse. During the day I will be running around the city with my 21 month old daughter and making the acquaintance of various playgrounds along the way.

What can I wear to the business casual dinners that would be wearable again in other situations? What can I wear during the day that would look hip but still be functional (i.e. Climbing up a slide after my daughter)? How do I look stylish and not just “mommy-ish”?

I am in desperate need for a fall jacket and some shoes.
Here are three outfits that can get Sandra through most anything in San Francisco:

Golden Gate Park
Explore the city's biggest park in style.
Dress - Lovely cobalt color and on sale for only $50 from Anthropologie.
Sweater - A zipper cardigan from Forever21 should be warm enough for the day.
Shoes - Sneakers lend a casual tone to the outfit and will be perfect for exploring the city.
Bag - A classic black purse that goes with everything.

Chez Panisse
Transition to the evening in the same dress with different accessories.
Dress - Same dress, different tone.
Jacket - A little black coat worn unbuttoned.
Shoes - A serious pair of black pumps for $40 from Kenneth Cole.

Tartine Bakery Follow up the next morning with breakfast at the city's favorite bakery on 18th & Guerrero.
Jeans - San Francisco's official uniform.
Sweater - This sweet little red peacoat sweater will last you all fall and winter.
Tank - In basic black.
Sneakers - Simple converse.

Have fun, Sandra!


Melissa from Montreal said...

Oh my gosh! I'm going to be in San Francisco in 3 weeks too!

I'll definitely take in these suggestions for what to pack for my trip too :)

Sara said...

i love the red sweater (and the dress, very cute!), but why does everything from jcrew have to be 3/4 length sleeve? ive forbidden myself from getting any more of their cute 3/4 length sleeve sweaters or else my wrists will be freezing come fall!

Jill said...

i love the sneakers with the dress, such a cute combo, but i never would have thought of it!