Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Things I Love Today: Passport Cover

Rob and I tore through the apartment last night in search of my passport. No luck. I have no idea where it could be. It's frustrating because I'm about to go to Paris and also because I love all the fancy stamps and visas that my old passport contains.

I have five days to find it before my appointment downtown with the urgent passport office. Maybe if my passport had a cute gold and pink Kate Spade cover it wouldn't get lost.


Sara said...

cute passport cover! i hope your old passport turns up, maybe you can bribe it with a cover and it will show its face :)

anne said...

Oof...at least you have five days to find it! Once, as I was packing for a trip to Japan, I opened up my passport to show my friend all my stamps only to realize the darn thing expired four months earlier.

Thank you also, for the what-to-wear suggestions for my pretty super-passport-sale dress. I am on the hunt for a similar cardigan and belt right now...