Monday, October 08, 2007

Wedding: Centerpieces

I am going to save so much money by doing my own centerpieces for the wedding. Being a rather frugal bride, this makes me incredibly happy!

Nicole and I did a trial run of flower arranging on Saturday. Armed with $40 of flowers, we made three gorgeous centerpieces. White dahlias and yellow roses are matched with other yellow, green, brown and white fillers in a copper footed bowl.

The resulting arrangement achieves the perfect loose but structured, yellow but not too "perky" mix I was looking for. I think they will be stunning in the arts and crafts interior of our venue. We refrigerated one to make sure it would last overnight, but even the arrangements left in the sun looked fine the next evening.

I made an illustrated shopping list we can take to the flower market with us next September. This is the fun part of wedding planning!


love.boxes said...

So beautiful. I love these and I think that doing your own flowers will make sure that they turn out exactly how you want. They are just lovely.

Katie said...

Very, very pretty!

Who is going to assemble all of these the day before?

Even though you didn't ask for my advice, assign this task to a bridesmaid. Don't plan on doing anything yourself the day before. Even if you think it will be simple and only take an hour or so it is SO not worth your time that day.

(Please, learn from my mistakes...)

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Oh Emily… how exciting, these are beautiful!

Nugent79 said...

They are beautiful!

I do agree with Katie though. I ended up having to cancel my day-before-wedding-massage b/c the things I thought I could do on my own took longer than I realized (and flowers are definitely a last-minute item since you don't want any wilting, etc)!

Jessica said...

These look fantastic!

Claire said...

Gosh those are pretty!