Friday, October 12, 2007

Wedding Planning: Wine

Visiting with Nicole has made me feel a lot better about wedding planning. She's been a bridesmaid a bunch of times and is good at calling me out when I'm being too cheap (Yes, I want a perfect wedding. No, I'd rather not have to spend money on any of it). She helped me decide to have a fresh fruit and chocolate spread along with our cake, probably carnegie deli cheesecakes.

She's also a great bridesmaid because her viticulture industry contacts will translate into big discounts on our wine. We did the math and estimate needing two cases of white, two cases of red and a case of sparkling rose. For our white, I'll probably go with Bale Lane Sauvignion Blanc from St. Clement. It has a delicious fragrance and a nice dry, smooth flavor.


Miche said...

Yum! I didn't realize St. Clement made a sauvignon blanc. This means I have to go back and taste it! :D

WizCoder said...

I see thats a good choice