Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Round-Up: Burma & More

This was a fun, if busy, little weekend. On Friday night, Rob and I walked home in the rain, dried off for a bit and then went to Paul's art gallery opening. His urban landscapes are my personal favorites. Such great talent! It was great to see Jordan and Rebecca there, too.

Jean and Trent arrived from Davis early on Saturday morning. We had coffee and eggs before driving out to the archery range. While shooting, we met a nice father and son duo who told us all about the joys of wild boar hunting. Around noon, we all walked over to Park Chalet. Onion strings, mediterranean pizza and ahi tuna tartar and a pitcher of Octoberfest to share.

After lunch, we drove to Crissy Field to watch the dogs swim and joggers jog. Back home at 3:30, I met with someone who wants to buy my car, FINALLY! That evening, we all piled into the Fit again to drive out to the Richmond. (They really should sponsor me, my life feels like one giant commercial for the car).

Jean's friend Jill met us for dinner at Burma Superstar. The long wait for a table was so worth it. The food was incredible! Sort of a weird mix of Indian and Thai food but at the same time completely unique. The samusa soup, tea leaf salad and the ginger, lime, beer spritzer were particularly good. YUM!!

We drove Jean and Trent to the airport after dinner. A little early for their 11pm flight, we went to the Target in San Bruno. This is a luxury for us since there isn't one close to the city. I picked up some great things for the Halloween party. At 9:30, Rob and I dropped Jean and Trent off and headed home. On our way, we decided to find the actual world's crookedest street, Vermont St. in Portero Hill (Seriously. Honda, you should call me).

Up early again on Sunday morning, this time to drive to Napa to help Nicole move. The two of us were pretty unskilled in the moving arts but managed to load everything into the truck and unload it in her storage unit in about three hours. To reward our hard labor, we had a fancy lunch in Napa complete with gourmet banana cream pie.

I drove home through the orange and yellow vineyards at 5:30. Crossing the bridge at 6:00, San Francisco was shrouded in a bright pink sunset. I was so happy to be back in this necco wafer city!


love.boxes said...

Whenever you talk about all those fun restaurants it makes me wish I could visit your fine city again sometime soon. I love SF.

Do you know the name of that famous chinese place where all the celebrities have signed the wall. (It's a dump.. but very tasty?)

Cherise said...

The Burma Superstar!!! I found your blog from Sara's (life is nicht so mal) and "Burma" caught my eye. We LOVE the Burma Superstar. My husband goes to SF every year for a week and meets up with my old roommate for dinner there. Last time I got to go and fell in love. I've had Burmese food before (near the Burma border), but the Superstar is just out of this world. The rainbow salad is to die for!