Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What to Wear: A Coat with this Purse

It rained last night and is really starting to feel like fall here in the city. It's time to unpack my coats and scarfs! Here is a request from Tiffany:
I've been looking in stores and online for a new coat for fall and winter. I need something wooly and warm for under $200. My red peacoat had to be retired last year, and I haven't found anything that I love. I just bought this bag for the new season, but I'm at a loss for the right coat to wear with it. I could always get a different bag if I found the right coat, but I'm pretty fond of the bag. I'm also quite short (5'2") and petite if you can take that into consideration. By the way, the bag is much more mustard/golden than the picture shows.
My biggest problem with finding a coat is always that they're too large. Even a smaller size is usually too big. I've rounded up a few options for Tiffany:

Kenneth Cole - I love the unique olive green color of this wool coat. It looks really warm too! It will pull out the green accents from the purse stripes.

Ann Taylor - This sweet little brown trench will go with almost everything and will be impossible to get dirty, a plus for someone with little kids. A belted trench is a great way to dress up any outfit. It's not exactly warm and wooly though.

Anthropologie - Corduroy with a fun ruffled collar and handy pockets in the front. This a little more feminine and fun. Corduroy is pretty warm. If it's too long you can have it hemmed.

La Redoute - This French catalog has some of the best wool coats at incredible prices. My only qualm is that they usually don't go down past a size 4 and they're very true to size.

Stay warm out there, Tiffany!


tiffany said...

You are a miracle worker. I really love all of them, but at least you've narrowed my selection to four! And three of the four I should be able to find locally to try on first. Thanks again!

lisa said...

The coats are beautiful...but what I'm really falling for is that bag! I shall order it before I go to sleep tonight.