Thursday, October 18, 2007

What to Wear: Turtlenecks

I love the brisk, fall weather we're having in San Francisco right now. It's finally cold enough (and non-pink cornflake) enough to wear tweed and other fun layers. Here is Marissa's question about a fall favorite:
Here's a question for you! I know you love turtlenecks and we are upon turtleneck season. Could you put together an outfit with turtlenecks for your readers ?
I am built like you and almost always cold (October through April) so I love turtlenecks. I need to restock in them this season and need some ideas...
Turtlnecks are great with anything (jeans, pencil skirts, trousers, mini skirts with tights, etc) but really shine when paired with something that has a little volume. A full skirt, wide leg pants, a swing jumper are all great counterbalances to a sleek turtleneck. Here's one outfit for the office:

Turtleneck - Brown cashmere from Bluefly. I'm tempted to buy this myself and wear it everyday until April.
- A delicate piece from Anthropologie that can work any season. Wear tights for extra warmth.
Coat - From Target. I know it's not proper, but I like having a bit of skirt peaking out beneath a coat.
Boots - I'm on the hunt for a perfect, comfortable boot with a soft rounded toe and a stacked heel. This pair comes darn close and is a relatively cheap $174.
Bag - On sale from Kenneth Cole.
Scarf - From Old Navy with fun pom-poms.
Earrings - Estate diamond and coral studs...why not!

Stay warm out there Marissa!


e said...

love those earrings!

mamacita said...

Hear hear! Let's all have a pair of antique coral and diamond earrings, shall we? I say!

love.boxes said...

Classic.. signature Miss Em! Love it!

Katrina said...

I wish there were more of those nice cold days ... today was a whopping 78 degrees in the city.