Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things I Love Today: Forever21 Sweaters

Forever21 really impressed me last Sunday. Sure, they always have a couple cute things at crazy low prices. But this time I fell for quite a few of their sweaters and dresses. Here's a couple things I recommend:

Black Cardigan - I didn't buy this, but I did get something similar. Over a pair of wide leg slacks with a big handbag, this is shape is perfect for fall.
Purple Turtleneck - This looks so great with a pair of jeans and some bright gold jewelry. It's a little brighter in person. I wore it on Monday with white trousers.
Empire Sweater - Love the color and want to try it with a leather belt and a pencil skirt.

Have you discovered any great Forever21 finds lately? Do share!


Jen said...

I love these sweaters and I desperately need some new ones!

Jessica said...

I'm wearing this sweater today, except mine has a ruffly mandarin collar.

k8 said...

looks like i'll have to stop at the Forever21 on my way home from work tonight. I need sweaters!

love.boxes said...

I love the purple turtle. So pretty.