Friday, November 16, 2007

To Do: While I'm Away

Nicole is ready to fly out this afternoon and I'm following her tomorrow morning. We'll all be in Paris by Sunday! A last minute check of the weather report shows a drop in temperature. It looks like we're in for 40's to 20's instead of 60's to 40's like last week. Time to switch out some of my lighter layers for warmer sweaters.

In case you're bored while I'm away, I've come up with ten suggested francophile activities for EmilyStyle readers:

1. Watch. French movie marathon. Rent Amelie, Gigi and an American in Paris.
2. Sketch - Tap into your creative side with the purchase of a Paris sketchbook.
3. Cook - French onion soup. Mmmm...a perfect warm and hearty recipe for a fall night.
4. Relax - With a lavender candle or bubble bath.
5. Shop - From La Redoute for inexpensive styles straight from France.
6. Wear - All black a la Audrey in Funny Face.
7. Craft - Make those holiday honeycomb candles that are a tradition in France.
8. Listen - To Serge Gainsbourg and Carla Bruni.
9. Drink - French 75 cocktails. One of my favorites!
10. Read - Hotel Bemelmans, a delightful illustrated book by the creator of Madeline.


love.boxes said...

I love Gene Kelly films and that one's just a favorite. The colors are so beautiful, I always want to live in that movie if you know what I mean.

Janet said...

I suppose I will have to try the French 75 with the alternative choice of cognac -- I'm allergic to gin! Have a wonderful trip!

MissScientistSF said...

Have so much fun! Take lots of pictures and go crazy. In a perfectly French way of course. Did you get my birthday package yet? Bon voyage!

Alyssa Coberly said...

have fun! and take some notes ... i will be going to paris next summer :0)

Miche said...

Bon Voyage!!!

amy said...

This was timely ... I had my frist French 75 last night. I doubted that it would exist in the middle of WY but yeah for the new cocktail lounge! Have a great trip!

k8 said...

i took you up on the dressing all in black yesterday. everyone in my office wondered what i was up to ; )

Anonymous said...

I love An American in Paris, Amelie was adorable - but is anyone else a little disturbed by Gigi? I remember seeing it as an adolescent, with only a vague idea of what a courtesan was -- but I remember being a little horrified by the whole young girl/older man thing. My mom kept saying it was a classic, and I kept wondering why I was even being allowed to watch it. Maybe I need to see it again as an adult.
I've only been to Paris once, for a few days in the dead of winter, but I had a wonderful time and hope you do to. If it is cold, walking up the Eiffel tower instead of taking the elevator will warm you up nicely!

Anne said...

anonymous, I feel the same way about Gigi, it's just because they make her look SO young in the first scenes and she looks so mature later on in the movie. She was actually about 27 at the time so it's not quite that creepy. And the novel is set in 18th-century Paris I think and it was not too shocking at the time.