Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Round-Up: Home Again

Another fun, busy weekend! On Friday, Rob and I went to the climbing gym with Matt after work. I got a sudden burst of energy and started climbing really tough boulder routes. My arms still hurt. At 6:30, we went across the street for delicious tacos from the El Toyanese wagon. Walked back home through the mission and had a quiet evening at home.

On Saturday, I woke up fairly early to attend a fun event with Jordan. Back home at 1:30, Rob and I went for a round of archery in Golden Gate Park. It was blazing hot, but thankfully with some ocean breeze.

Home again for a quick rest before a ride on our tandem bike to the beach and back; about 10 miles. I love racing other bikes and seeing how fast we can go. We returned home around 6:00 and had a huge dinner at Burgermeister down the street.

An extra hour on Sunday morning meant all the more time to enjoy the Sunday paper in bed with coffee, grapefruit and scrambled eggs. At 11:00, Rob and I drove across town to pick up Matt & Amber. Another gorgeous day, perfect for kayaking in Sausalito! We paddled for an hour and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Back at home (spotting the pattern?) I rested for a bit and then went shopping downtown. Just a quick, cheapie trip to Forever21, Old Navy and H&M. I found some really great tops and sweaters. I'm having fun with all the dark jewel tones in style this season.

Home one last time at 6:00 for much needed laundry (5 loads!) and relaxation.

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Jessica said...

I was supposed to do laundry yesterday, but a trip to Ikea postponed it till tonight. I easily have 5 loads and I'm not looking forward to it!