Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What to Wear: Black and Cream, part II

Remember the cream and black bridesmaid we helped a couple weeks ago? It continues:
My brother in law is getting married in Seattle in December. The siblings have been asked to wear black and/or cream. There are lots of black dresses out there, but none of them seem to call to me. I love a classic dress with a little something unexpected or retro looking. I need something modest - with sleeves and knee length or a little longer; even very long, if it is flattering. Also, it could be a skirt and top.

I want to be able to wear it again, so nothing too formal. Just needs to be the right colors for the pictures. I need to buy some black boots as well and will likely take your advice on the Nordstrom healed boots you posted recently. I am 5'7" with medium length dark brown hair and wear a size 2 or 4. Thanks for your great style skills!

I can't quite decide if this is a cute idea or something a bit too oppressive. Is this common? Making your relatives dress according to a wedding color scheme? Regardless...here is my recommendation:

Dress - Don't tell anyone, but there's a bit of blue in there too. This $168 dress is flowy, flattering and perfect for a winter wedding in Seattle. (PS: link isn't working well, look under "graphic prints")
Boots - I think this is the pair she's talking about. I want to buy these for myself.
Earrings - Pretty pair from Etsy for $6.50.
Gift - You have to wrap it in cream and black of course.

I really want to see photos from this crazy event!


Stephanie said...

A more classic looking DVF dress is on sale at Nordstrom:


It all depends on your personal style, but I try to play it pretty safe at weddings so when I look at the pictures ten years from now, I won't cringe (as much).

Charise said...

When my uncle got married last year, they had a family processional type thing instead of a bridal party. Instead of doing tuxes/bridesmaids dresses, they asked everyone to wear black and cream as well. Maybe it is a similar situation?

amber said...

I just, and I mean just saw this dress at Anthro on my lunch break today. It's gorgeous. I want to wear it with boots. That is, if I get it.

elizabeth said...

You are right. She's my sister-in-law. This whole "black and white" event is really causing havoc around here so I apologize if another one of my sisters asks for advice!